About WB Construction and Son LLC


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality Design-Build Construction services, delivered in a safe and professionally managed project environment. We strive to deliver quality craftsmanship in all that we do while always treating our customers with courtesy and respect. We will maintain a workplace that fosters personal growth, career development, teamwork and financial prosperity for our employees, their families and our owners. 

About WB Construction & Sons, Inc.

WBCSI 's business plan outlines our company's environmental philosophies. It also explains our commitment to develop and integrate the changes required for maintaining and increasing our environmental sustainability. WBCSI's approach to going GREEN is the small steps that many companies do not recognize as important, leading to a measurable impact on the environment. Our changes such as using recycled paper for our printing, leads to lessening our carbon footprint. WBCSI's major thrust during this year's business plan was to implement a "Go Paperless" objective and to achieve a 75% reduction on the amount of paper products used in our business.  Particular focus is on total computerization of the paper flow through all levels of the organization.  WBCSI has a corporate commitment to stay current and to educate its employees on its business' environmental mandate: to keep our business running green. The company makes a strong focus to keep on top of the latest developments and best practices in corporate sustainability. When we learn something new, we share with our clients.